Chocolate Pops

Chocolate Thunder

Chocolate penises are technically just candy, not lollipops, but let’s not quibble. When is chocolate ever not welcome at a bachelorette party? The penises from are available in six varieties: white and black chocolate, with and without a sticky white discharge, and small or large. 

We will concentrate on two of these treats, the large chocolate penises, without eruptions. The small units are only three inches long, while the large are 5 inches, or 8 inches if you include the white cardboard sticks. Width at the base is 2.25 inches. The candies are well-formed, without visible imperfections.

The age old question will not be answered here: Which is better, the white chocolate penis or the black chocolate penis? Sizes are identical and they have the same shape, with the back side flat. The tip of the black one is a lighter shade, and the white tip is a flesh-colored pink.

The chocolate is not designer quality, but it will satisfy most palates. They have a good flavor, so don’t be surprised if every bite gets eaten. You may even need to share penises! The tips have a lighter cocoa flavor.